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Workflow Automation - File Sharing and Storage

02 May, 2023 | Return|

Enabling Secure File Sharing and Storage

for Financial Workflow Automation


In today's fast-paced financial services industry, workflow automation has become a crucial tool for businesses to stay ahead of the competition. HiVRs, a cutting-edge workflow automation solution, has been designed to revolutionise the way financial services companies do business. HiVRs provides an all-in-one automation engine that integrates with hundreds of applications, including Zovanti and Salesforce. Its powerful workflow automation capabilities, combined with Zovanti's financial planning and management solutions, enable companies to streamline their documentation processes while complying with the ever-changing regulatory landscape.

This case study, facilitated by FileCloud explores how HiVRs is changing the game in financial services automation, and how it is helping businesses to provide accurate financial communications and service records to their clients.

Workflow Automation Tool Powered by Document Management Solution with Compliance Support

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HiVRs is a workflow automation solution built from over thirty years of experience in the financial services sector. This tool is designed to revolutionize how financial services companies do business in Australia to meet an increasingly complex regulatory landscape.

HiVRs was constructed as a stand-alone workflow automation tool that integrates with hundreds of applications, including Zovanti and Salesforce. It effectively serves as the automation engine powering Zovanti, a financial services CRM that functions on top of Salesforce.

Zovanti's financial planning and management solutions combines with HiVRs superpowered workflow automation, so financial services companies can provide streamlined documentation to clients while complying with Australian regulatory requirements.

With approximately 200 financial services businesses already using the HiVRs tool to support the Zovanti client base, the impacted client pool of around 60,000 relies on HiVRs’ workflow automation capabilities for accurate financial communications and service records.

Yet even the most powerful workflow automation tool in the world needs data and a means of accessing said data.

HiVRs needed an all-in-one document management system that could be integrated with their workflow automation application, while also supporting security and regulatory requirements and providing clients with anywhere, anytime access.


   Key Highlights     

Flexibility and Data Control            

Automation via API Endpoints            

Regional Deployment for Data Sovereignty            

Hyper-Secure Access and File Sharing            

“Fee Disclosure Statement and Opt-in” Regulations            

Organised Data with CCP Metadata            

Strong ROI on Storage Costs