It's time to supercharge your financial services’ digital transformation

Advance financial planning, customer experience, and employee engagement with a low-code integration and automation platform that accelerates every initiative.

1st idea
Review your review process!

Automate your review process from scheduling (via Calendly), Opt-in, OSA and FDS document generation (via our merge engine) and Review documents (via our Xplan integration).

2nd idea
Automate your client onboarding

From website integrations (Wordpress, DNN), document managment integrations (Google Drive, Dropbox, FileCloud etc), document generation, SMS (via Twilio), eSignatures (via PleaseSign) and call management (via Aircall or RingCentral) we can automate your entire client onboarding journey (and compliance as well).

3rd idea
Automate your advice audits

Automate your SoA or RoA audits through integration with Captegra, Fourth Line or Tiqk.

4th idea
Fine tune your AFSL policies and procedures

Align your AFSL procedures (workflows) with your policies to ensure you are meeting your AFSL obligations.

100+ ideas
Hundreds of workflow templates

Gain access to hundreds of workflow templates in our Workflow Community and be up and running in hours, not weeks.

Xplan Integration

Take threads to the next level

Love the efficiencies of threads but looking for the next level of automation? Align Hivrs with your XPlan site and automate your financial planning workflows. 

Zovanti Integration

Hivrs is tightly integrated into the Zovanti solutions

Commence your workflows with a click of a button and access all of your tasks from within the Zovanti solution. 

Captegra Integration

Automate your AFSL responsibilities with Captegra & Hivrs

Align and automate your AFSL workflows from within the Captegra Governance, Risk & Compliance solution. 

Intelliflo Integration

Make Intelliflo flow

Align your Intelliflo platform with Hivrs to make your workflows flow!